Blackwork Tattoo and our staff would like to THANK everyone who has and plan to set up appointments with us! We're not only thankful but grateful for your business, loyalty, and continuous support for us!!!

We're excited to get back to work, efficiently and safely.

Regulations & Guidelines:

-Appointments are preferred.

-We prefer clients to come to their appointments alone but will allow one person to accompany you.

 -If you're experiencing or showing any flu-like/Covid-19 symptoms, please reach out to your artist and reschedule your appointment. If we feel it is necessary to cancel your appointment upon arrival for whatever reason, we will do so. This is not to be taken personally but merely a precaution. Also, anyone who is at high risk for severe illness from Covid-19 is highly discouraged from entering our establishment.

-Proper use of mask/face covering is preferred especially if you're not currently fully vaccinated.

-Fully vaccinated clients must wait at least 30 days from their last shot to be tattooed.

-We ask that you use the hand sanitizer located at the front desk upon arrival. You will be asked to wash your hand with antibacterial soap before entering an artist's booth. Foot pedals to turn the water on are located on the floor of the sink in the bathroom. Clients are not permitted to use the sink in the artist's booth.

-Our staff will be diligent in taking extra precautions to make sure your visit is as safe and healthy as possible. A lot of these guidelines are apart of our normal practices but we've increased our already high standard of sterilization and cleanliness.


-Bring proper state/government-issued identification... driver's license or passport. No exceptions.

-Cash, debit and all major credit cards will be accepted as payment. You must be the cardholder to use credit/debit, meaning... if your name isn't imprinted on it - you cannot use it.

-Absolutely no food or drinks will be permitted in our facility.

-No children are allowed unless they're being serviced (earlobe piercing).

We thank you for your cooperation as we are seriously following our government and hea
lth department guidelines. We too are learning this new "normal" and appreciate your patience and understanding during this time.


-Blackwork Team